Favorite Links

I am looking for some really great, fun, interesting time wasters. You know, those websites that you visit when you do not want to do any work. Be sure to put your name next to the link so we know who to thank (or curse) for the fun.

I love Starfall. My kids are on it and reading all the time. (Chris)

I like this website but be prepared to spend a lot of time playing. Fantastic Contraption I spent too much time on here while on breaks at work ;-) . Its a free and fun game.

Best. timewaster. ever. If you ever want to take random factoid quizzes, Sporcle is the way to go. I'll warn you now, though, a lot of the things that come up when you click random quiz are obscure sports things.

Try this website on for size! Test your knowledge while feeding the hungry!