The Life of a Butterfly
A WebQuest for 2nd Grade (Life Science)
Designed by

Ariana, Bethany, Christine, David

Caterpillar Egg
Caterpillar Egg


You are on a mission to create a project about butterflies. You must collect information about each life stage of the butterfly using internet resources and create a project to demonstrate what you have learned.

The Task
Your task is to create one of the following: play, book, poster, or clay figurines about the life cycle of the butterfly using internet resources in order to collect your information.

The Process
  1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 4.
  2. You will pick what project you would like to do (play, book, poster, or clay figures).
  3. You will research the 4 life stages of a butterfly on the internet (see below).
  4. You will each pick a stage to represent and collect data about that stage.
  5. You will then create your projects to report about your specific stage.
  6. Your group will then present your finished products (in the correct order) to the class.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Enchanted Life Cycle
Video of Butterfly life Cycle
Butterfly Life Cycle 2
Butterfly Diagram


You will be evaluated on:
*The accuracy of your information
*Understanding of the life cycle of the butterfly
*The creativeness of your project.

You will receive a common grade for your whole project
An individual grade for your specific part in the project.


You will have learned about the life cycle of the butterfly, created a project that displays your learning, and presented your information as a group to the class. Some questions you might want to think about: How does the life cycle of a butterfly compare to those of other animals (ie. frogs)? How does the life cycle of a butterfly compare to your own life cycle?

Credits & References

Butterfly picture:

Caterpillar picture:

Cocoon picture:

Egg picture:

Thanks to Ariana, Bethany, Christine, and David for their participation in creating this magnificent webquest.