California History: Mission Period
A WebQuest for 4th Grade (History)
Designed by

Pamelah Walker, Chain Tsay and Maritza Briceno

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Between the mid-1700s to the mid-1800s, Spain controlled the large region now known as California. It was called New Spain. Junípero Serra, a Spanish Franciscan, arrived in California in 1769 as a leader of what came to be called the Sacred Expedition. He founded California's first nine missions and served as father-president of the mission system. The mission, a frontier institution designed to advance the empire as well as to convert Indians to Roman Catholicism.
Have you heard about Missions before? Do you know what Missions are? Why were they created? The next step will tell you how you will be able to through your own description of a mission and its history, and learn more about why missions came to be in California.

The Task
You are a journalist during the Mission period. Your job is to provide a detailed description of what you see in the everyday Mission life. You will need to write a report describing your Mission's history and provide a sketch of what it looks like.

The Process
Working in partners, these are the items that need to be covered in your report:
  1. Find where your mission is located?
  2. Provide a brief history of your mission?
  • When was your mission created?
  • Is your mission a presidio or pueblo? Why?
  • Who are the major leaders or figures at your mission? Who lives at the mission? Are there children at the mission?
3. Make a sketch of your mission what you see in everyday life.

These are the online websites that you are to use:

Your Project will be graded based on:
CONTENT: How well you present the information, how accurate it is and how well you covered all of the different questions.
SKETCH: Effort in your illustration, attention to detail and accuracy.
GRAMMAR: Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Congratulations!!! You've successfully completed this project!!! Now you know about the History of the Missions in California and why they were created!!!! This is another component in learning about California History!!!

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