Exploration of Native American Tribes
A WebQuest for 3rd Grade (History)
Designed by

Marissa Funk, Vanessa Oram, Scott Luong, Christin Hwang
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Introduction (Section 1 of the Quest)
You are an explorer who arrived in the newly founded North American continent during the 1500s. On this new land you are befriended by a new group of "unknown people" - Native Americans. In getting to know them, you have found out how they live, interact with each other, and what is important in their culture. Your mission is to bring back something that you think is most important in their day-to-day lives.

The Task (Section 2 of the Quest)
For this project, you will research a Native American tribe and then create something that you think is important to them. While doing this, think about how your Native Americans live day-by-day, what place they inhabit, and their belief systems.

Through this project, you will become an expert on your tribe and share your creations with the class through a museum or gallery walk.

The Process (Section 3 of the Quest)
Step 1: Choose your partner.

Step 2: Choose a tribe you'd like to study from the list below ~
  1. Kanaka Maoli
  2. Navajo
  3. Cheyenne
  4. Cherokee
  5. Apache
  6. Iroquois
  7. Kumeyaay
  8. Sioux
  9. Shawnee
  10. Blackfoot
  11. Inuit

Step 3: Research your tribe ~
  • Find which region in North America did they live. Did they live near natural landmarks (mountains, bodies of water)?
  • What were their natural resources? Were they hunters/gatherers? Where they nomadic?
  • What were their beliefs, customs, and traditions?

Here are some more links to help you with your research:

Step 4: After your research, think about what is important in your tribe? For example: if your tribe is nomadic, maybe teepees are very significant. Just remember to be creative!

Step 5: Once you finish your artifact, write a paragraph (5 sentences minimum) on an index card describing the item and why you think its important to the tribe you chose. Remember to use what you researched and write about how your tribe used the item you chose. Remember we are going to be sharing your work through a gallery walk.

Step 6: Individual Reflection ~
  • Introduction: 3 sentences on why you chose your tribe.
  • Body: 5 sentences on the research you did (geography, food, customs/beliefs)
  • Conclusion: 2 sentences on what you learned.

Evaluation (Section 4 of the Quest)
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NOTE: The first three categories "Amount of information," "Quality of information," and "Artifact" are graded by group participation. The "Individual reflection" will be graded individually and will show what the child learned (accountable information).

Conclusion (Section 5 of the Quest)
Congratulations! You have become an expert on your tribe, you've learned how Native Americans lived on the same land we live on now. You learned how they survived without internet, microwaves, and TVs, and how they used the raw land of the past. You've also become an expert researcher!

Credits & References (Section 6 of the Quest)
Thanks to RubiStar, we couldn't have done it without you.