Bon Appetit: Restaurant Owner's Menu

A WebQuest for 5th Grade (Nutritional Health)

Designed by

Georgia Hall, Leslie Barnes & Elizabeth Irvine-McDermott

external image FoodPyramid.jpg

Congratulations! You have decided to open your own restaurant! Today you will work with your co-owners (your group) to develop an award-winning menu. Your menus will be based on what we've been learning about the importance of healthy eating and the food pyramid.

The Task
Today you will be creating your menu. Your goal is to make all menu options delicious and appealing, as well as healthy and nutritious. You may chose one of the following: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your menu must include the following:
  • 3 balanced meal options
  • 3 drink options
  • 3 desert options
Each balanced meal option should incorporate at least 3 of the main food groups, according to the Food Pyramid. You will need to provide a description of the meal, and which food pyramid group(s) it comes from. Be as creative as you want naming the meals! You may want to poll your friends and families about their favorite foods to get ideas!
For example:
Grilled Mahi Madness, with brown rice and steamed broccoli.
Enjoy this fresh fish (meat and beans group), savory brown rice (grains group), and green broccoli (vegetable)!

Please also name which food group(s) your drink and desert options come from.
For example:
Peach Cobbler (fruit, grain, and sweet groups)
Chocolate Milk (dairy and sweets groups)

You will need to create a hard copy of your menu with your group, while in class. Make sure everything fits on one page. Include your restaurants' name and the owners (you and your group members). You may decorate the menu with pictures to enhance your diners' appetite.

The Process
1. First you'll be assigned to a group of three people.
2. You will work with your "co-owners" to research menu options using the following options:
The Food Guide Pyramid Basic food pyramid information, like what we've been studying in class.
Food Pyramid Game A fun way to familiarize yourself with the food groups.
Another classrooms' interpretation of the food pyramid Includes riddles and other relevant links
Food Guide Pyramid Diagram A quick reference to the Food Pyramid image
3. Below are a few websites to get ideas about healthy menu options.
Healthy Eating Check out the "For Parents" tab for recipe ideas and the "For Kids" tab for information about why good nutrition is important.
Health Balance You might find helpful recipes under "Main Dishes," "Desserts," and "Beverages."
Meals Matter Where your parents go for meal ideas.
Healthy Meals Resource System Information about nutrition and health
4. If you would like more information on nutrition, get started with the sites below.
Nutrition Explorations Games, activities, and fun links about nutrition
BAM! Body and Mind Fun website about food and health

Your restaurant will receive a rating by the Healthy Restaurant Council (your teacher). You will be evaluated on how well your group works together. Your menu will be graded on its connections to the Food Pyramid, completeness of all 9 menu items and descriptions, and your menu's visual appeal.

We will connect what we have been discussing in class about nutrition by applying the Food Pyramid to this project. We will creatively design healthy meals that can be made at home and help us make good decisions when dining out. What have you learned about nutrition? Is it easy to provide a balanced meal?

Credits & References
Thanks to Chris Halter for all of your help!