What will you be when you grow up?
A WebQuest for 1st/2nd Grade (Science)

Designed by

Rihana Qassimyar

Nancy Sandoval

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Imagine that you and your friend are caterpillars.
You will explore how you became a caterpillar and what you will become as you grow.
It will be your job to investigate, observe and record the stages of your life cycle.

The Task
It is now time for you to figure out the stages of your life cycle by exploring the websites that I have provided for you. I need you to record what you find and make sure to draw lots of pictures. You will then create a poster of your life cycle displaying the different stages that you have gone through as you have grown. Finally, you will write a story about your life cycle in which you will explain where you grew up, any struggles you went through growing up and what you did as an adult.

The Process
To accomplish the task, you will follow these steps:
  1. First you will pair up with a classmate.
  2. Once you've picked a partner, you will join together and imagine you are a caterpillar. Choose a caterpillar name for yourself.
  3. Explore the following webpage and record what you were before you became a caterpillar. (Remember to draw your findings too!)
    • What did you look like?
    • What did you feel like?
    • How many days did it take you to hatch?
  4. Next, go to caterpillar stage webpage and investigate the stage that you are in now as a caterpillar.
    • What is another name for caterpillars in that stage?
    • How long do you stay in this stage?
    • As a caterpillar, what do you eat?
  5. Find out what the next stage in your life is by exploring this webpage.
    • What is this stage called?
    • What happens in this stage?
    • How long does this stage last?
  6. Now explore the final stage by visiting this webpage.
    • What have you turned into?
    • What are one of the struggles you went through to become an adult?
  7. Explore some of the predators that you have to escape from using this webpage.
  8. Now that you have gathered all of your information about your life cycle, create a poster showing the stages in order. Make sure to include your drawings!
  9. Finally, write your life story as a caterpillar from your viewpoint.
    • How did you feel?
    • What did you look like?
    • What did you go through?
    • Be creative!


This is how you will be graded individually:

The answers to the questions.
The neatness and detail of your poster.
The creativeness of your life story.
How well you worked with your partner.


Congratulations! You have just finished discovering how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly! You learned about the different stages including the egg stage, the larva stage, the pupa stage and finally the hatching of the butterfly. You have also finished creating your own life story of how it all happened.

If you want to see this life cycle in motion, click on this video link!

Credits & References**

Created by: Nancy Sandoval & Rihana Qassimyar

Thanks to the following websites