Where In The World Are My Students?
A WebQuest for 3rd Grade Social Studies
Designed by
Alessandra Laetsch, Renee Basaez, Tessa Clausen


You are a group of explorers sent by your teacher to an exciting country to find out about its culture, language, and geography. What language do they speak? How do say some key phrases? What are some important facts you would like to share with your fellow explorers about the country you visited?

The Task
At the end of your exploration you will:
  • be able to locate your country on a globe
  • share 3 key facts about your country
  • know what language is spoken in your country
  • know two words or phrases of your choice in the language of your assigned country
  • present a poster about your country to the class consisting of the key facts, the phrases, and a drawing of the country's flag.

The Process
To accomplish the task, you will do the following
  1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 5 students and each team will be assigned a country to study.
  2. Once you meet with your groups, you will begin research on your country.
  3. Once your group has gathered enough information, you will work together to create a poster to present to the class.

Find your country and click on the links listed below to begin!
1. Argentina

2. Italy
3. Japan

4. Zimbabwe

5. India

Participation in this Webquest will result in a group grade based on the work you have done to complete this exploration. You will be graded:
  • Poster: must have 3 facts, 2 word translations, and picture of your country's flag.
  • Neatness, organization, and creativity of your poster
  • Effort level and teamwork will be noted
  • Every member of the group should take a part in the prepared class presentation.

Congratulations! After completing this Webquest, you now know more about not only about your assigned country, but the countries that your classmates have explored as well. What other countries are you interested in? What are more facts that you are interested in finding out about your assigned country?

Credits & References (Section 6 of the Quest)
We used this link for the image of the globe: http://www.worldmapsonline.com/images/Cram-Discovery/Discovery-Globe-thumb.jpg