Put the Title of the Lesson Here
A WebQuest for xth Grade (Put Subject Here)
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Put some interesting graphic representing the content here

Introduction (Section 1 of the Quest)
This document should be written with the student as the intended audience. Write a short paragraph here to introduce the activity or lesson to the students. If there is a role or scenario involved (e.g., "You are a detective trying to identify the mysterious poet.") then here is where you'll set the stage.

The Task (Section 2 of the Quest)
Describe crisply and clearly what the end result of the learners' activities will be. The task could be a problem to be solved; position to be defended; product to be designed; personal insight to be articulated; summary to be created; persuasive message to be crafted; a creative work, or whatever you have designed.
If the final product involves using some tool (e.g., poster, the Web, video), mention it here.
Don't list the steps that students will go through to get to the end point. That belongs in the Process section.

The Process (Section 3 of the Quest)
To accomplish the task, what steps should the learners go through? Use the numbered list to describe the steps in the procedure.
  1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 3 students...
  2. Once you've picked a role to play....
  3. ... and so on.
The online web resources are also listed here with a brief description of what they will find at that website, any specific places to go within the website, etc.
DO NOT have students search the web for their own resources!!

Evaluation (Section 4 of the Quest)
Describe to the learners how their performance will be evaluated. Specify whether there will be a common grade for group work vs. individual grades.

Conclusion (Section 5 of the Quest)
Put a couple of sentences here that summarize what they will have accomplished or learned by completing this activity or lesson. You might also include some rhetorical questions or additional links to encourage them to extend their thinking into other content beyond this lesson.

Credits & References (Section 6 of the Quest)
List here the sources of any images, music or text that you're using. Provide links back to the original source. Say thanks to anyone who provided resources or help.
List any books and other analog media that you used as information sources as well.