How to Effectively Manage Middle-School Stress
A WebQuest for 7th Grade (Health)
Designed by
Vivi Bergson
Kate Flynn
Catherine Kunisch
Jessica Newkirk



As a busy 7th grade socialite, you are dealing with the trials and tribulations of growing up and experiencing stress in a whole new way. As part of the maturation process, your job is to identify the causes of stress and the onsets of anxiety. Take note of what upsets you and what tasks, statements or experiences make you tick. Also, look at what kinds of statements or incidents causes stress in the lives of your peers, friends, family and classmates. You will be studying what causes stress in your lives and researching what kinds of strategies are available to confront and manage the negating effects of stress.

The Task
By keeping a journal, you must note what causes stress in each of your lives. Whether you keep it with you throughout the day and jot down your
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experiences just before you go to sleep,you will be using this journal to help you identify stress-factors and stress-relievers. What caused you to experience stress? Did it subside on its own or did you use a particular strategy to help you overcome that feeling. Using the provided links, research what causes stress in the lives of adolescents and look up strategies that have been known to relieve stress-induced anxiety. Your job is to submit a weekly journal of your experience and creatively present your findings and research in a 5 minute in-class presentation.

The Process
For this task, you will be assigned to groups of 4.

As a group, brainstorm general stress relievers. How do you handle stress in your own life? What do you already know about stress? What causes you to stress out? Are these answers similar to what your other group members say?
Use the following links to gain a general knowledge about stress.


Each student in the group will select a different category of stress relievers that they will be responsible for. Two students cannot research the same topic. After the research is collected, each group will be responsible for a 5 minute presentation to share what you have learned with the class. (examples include media presentations, power point, posters, acting, etc… use your imagination!)

You will be responsible for researching a stress reliever with the following links.
Try to come up with a few answers to each question as you explore; there is no wrong answer!
What kinds of things can cause stress in your life?
How do you deal with stress?
In your opinion, is the stress reliever you researched applicable to your daily routine?
What are some unique qualities about your stress reliever?
Have the websites you explored changed your mind about ways to deal with stress?
How would you help a friend that is having a stressful day?

Stress Relievers and their Links:




Creative Outlets
Weight loss secrets


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All students will receive a group grade for their research and contributions.

Evaluations will be based on:
1. The group presentation.
2. Personal reflection on how you plan to incorporate a stress relieving technique into your daily lives.
3. How well your team worked together.

Refer to the following Rubric for more detail:
Shows a full understanding of the topic.
Shows a good understanding of the topic.
Shows a good understanding of parts of the topic.
Does not seem to understand the topic very well.
Collaboration with Peers
Almost always listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others in the group. Tries to keep people working well together.
Usually listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others in the group. Does not cause "waves" in the group.
Often listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others in the group but sometimes is not a good team member.
Rarely listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others in the group. Often is not a good team member.
Listens to Other Presentations
Listens intently. Does not make distracting noises or movements.
Listens intently but has one distracting noise or movement.
Sometimes does not appear to be listening but is not distracting.
Sometimes does not appear to be listening and has distracting noises or movements.
Student uses several props (could include costume) that show considerable work/creativity and which make the presentation better.
Student uses 1 prop that shows considerable work/creativity and which make the presentation better.
Student uses 1 prop which makes the presentation better.
The student uses no props OR the props chosen detract from the presentation.

We hope you have learned how to identify solutions for stressful events in your lives. There are many positive choices you can adopt to cope with stress. We hope you have explored all of the healthy options to combat stress and found a coping strategy that best fits your needs. Next time you are feeling stressed, look to your friendships, exercise, a healthy diet, and a daily journal to cope. Now that you have found a stress-coping solution that works with your lifestyle, remember to make time for yourself apply the methods you have learned. In the years ahead, look for new ways to bring positive energy into your lives and those around you!

Credits & References
Thanks to the following websites for their pictures and information!