Evaluating Web Sites Chart

Site 1 (Boiler Plate) Rank (4)
Strengths: Site is entertaining, filled with information about boiler plate robot. A lot of working links and visually appealing.
Weaknesses: Site should more clearly state that information is fictitious. Information was cluttered, too many links.

Site 2 (Smoking) Rank (5)
Strengths: Site provided both sides of the smoking debate. Filled with a lot of information. Backed by a combination of relevant sites and credible institutions.
Weaknesses: Site was not visually appealing (no visuals at all). It was not organized and hence did not present both sides clearly. Website seemed to be poorly designed. Seemed to be more of an outline than clear links.

Site 3 (Dihydrogen Monoxide) Rank (2)
Strengths: The site was filled with a lot of information linked to a lot of credible sponsors and programs. Easy to navigate, well organized and up to date.
Weaknesses: Information was bias, intended to persuade readers into believing the danger of the product. Not enough supporting information for some of their statements. Politically charged.

Site 4 (Dino Buzz) Rank (1)
Strengths: The site was simple, easy to navigate, and well organized. It had valid, reliable information that was worded in a way that held reader's interest.
Weaknesses: Although it has a lot of credible information it would be good to see links to other credible institutions to increase its legitimacy. Designed in a more professional aspect.

Site 5 (Jacopo) Rank (3)
Strengths: The site was visually appealing, easy to navigate and informative.
Weaknesses: Legitimacy of website could be questioned because not a lot of sources were cited and links were
not working.

Content Specialist: Dino Buzz accurately covers information about dinosaurs, allowing for readers to easily understand the information. The way the information was presented seemed to validate arguments and could easily allow students to cite it in a bibliography.
Authority/Credibility Specialist: Although the website has a lot of credible information it does not support it with enough links to credible institutions or programs. Domain name seems accessible through major search engines and up to date.
Bias/purpose specialist: Site was created to inform readers about dinosaurs. Filled with a lot of facts and useful information.
Usability/design specialist: The site is easy to navigate, has an appealing design and well composed. The site was user friendly and had workable links.