Evaluating Web Sites Chart

Site 1 Boilerplate Project. Rank 4
Strengths: This site has a lot of pictures and links. The information is clear and understandable. It did include biographies of the site authors.
Weaknesses: It had too much information, was cluttered and busy looking, and difficult to navigate. The point of the site is unclear. It would not be a good resource for a research paper.

Site 2 Smoking from All Sides. Rank 3
Strengths: The layout was very basic and clear. It would be good place to search for resources. It provides links for both sides of the argument.
It is too basic (no pictures or graphics). There was no discussion. A lot of the links do not have descriptions. There is no validity provided for the links. The actual would not be one we would cite in a research paper.

Site 3 Dihydrogen Monoxide. Rank 5
Strengths: It looks authentic. They have great t-shirts.
Weaknesses: It is grossly biased.
There are no credentials offered by the authors or no citations. Their "research" were surveys completed by high school students (no scientific studies). We would not use it as a source.

Site 4 Dino Buzz. Rank 1
Strengths: It is organized and easily accessible. The credentials of the authors were listed and the domain is linked to the UC Museum of Paleontology. It is easy to read and is visually pleasing. We would use this as a resource for a research paper. It also has a helpful glossary.

Site 5 The art of Jacopo di Poggibonsi. Rank 2
Strengths: It provides additional resources that are relevant to the site. It gives a lot of information about the topic. It was simple and easy to view. It has great visuals. The URL is of a credible source. It is easy to navigate.
The colors make it a little difficult to read. More bullet points would be helpful.

In one or two sentences, defend your choice for the #1 site related to the criteria you were assigned:

It was credible, easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. Most importantly we enjoyed it and we would use it in a research paper.

Ben, Georgia, Elizabeth, Leslie