Evaluating Web Sites Chart

Site 1 DinoBuzz (1)
Strengths: Website is minimalistic, with very good descriptions. Created by University professors and sponsored by the University of California Berkley, and the Museum of Paleontology. Easy to navigate.
Weaknesses: Seemed emotional. Some of the links were not active.

Site 2 Boilerplate (1)

The language is clear and comprehensive. This website offers humor relief with stories on Boilerplate, a robot living in the 1800s. This is fiction however, I think this website will make a nice and fun website for kids to learn more about history. Author is publishing book on topic.
Weaknesses: The page was confusing, too much information on each page. Personal interest page, with 52 external links. Overwhelming on information made it difficult to navigate.

Site 3 Smoking from all sides (3)
Strengths: Many links to additional sites, easy to navigate.
Weaknesses: One page with many outside links.
There were 227 linked pages to the site all showed personal bias. Not many pictures to enhance information. Said it was from all perspectives but showed favoritism toward one. Links were not organized in an easy to use way.

Site 4 Dihydron Monoxide (2)
Strengths: Produced by researcher on topic. The site is detailed with many informational links.
Weaknesses: Pages were poorly organized, links were confusing. Information presented was one sided. The author has been seen as presenting false information. Included 531 external links.

Site 5 Jacopo Di Poggibonsi (4)
Strengths: Nicely organized, easy to read. The information is detailed. The pages seemed consistent.
Weaknesses: No author cited, did not include any external links.
No information connected to validity, or site sponsors. Appears to be a student site for homework that is incomplete does not provide sources..

We were unable to agree on what is considered our #1 choice. Half of us believed the web page for Boilerplate was the most effective and infuential site. This is because of its page design and sponsors. The second half of our group felt DinoBuzz was the most accurate. It was sponsored by a univertsity and a professor. It is easy to navigate and provides good information.