Site 1 Boilerplate Project, Ranked #4
Strengths: It's intriguing.
Weaknesses: Not linked to any reliable sources.

Site 2 Smoking from all sides, Ranked #3
Strengths: Few reliable links, example American Red Cross. Easy navigation.
Weaknesses: Credibility of the links are questionable.

Site 3 Dihydrogen Monoxide, Ranked #1
Strengths: Presented and included a comprehensive format of the current dih. mon. debate. Credible sources (also a .org). Recently updated.
Weaknesses: The main page is too clustered, too much information presented at once.

Site 4 Dino Buzz, Ranked #2
Strengths: The layout and organization of website. Easy navigation through site. Credible and links to other reliable sites.
Weaknesses: Need to be familiar with terms in order to fully comprehend information on site.

Site 5 The art of Jacopo di Poggibonsi, Ranked #5
Strengths: Interesting and almost believable.
Weaknesses: It's fake!