Evaluating Web Sites Chart

Site 1 Boilerplate Project. Rank: 4
Strengths: For entertainment purposes, it satisfies as a story about a fictional invention in the 19th century.
Weaknesses: Falsified pictures make it look illegitimate, like it's used for entertainment rather than fact. The domain at bigredhair.com is a huge weakness because it just sounds like a personal page. Design is also a weak point, lot of text, hard to understand, not organized.

Site 2 Smoking From All Sides. Rank: 5
Strengths: Links to some legit sites; does present all sides. Not a good source itself but can be a good jumping off point.
Weaknesses: Most links are dead. Tends to be biased toward negatives of smoking. There was no information for a webmaster or any credentials.

Site 3 Dihydrogen Monoxide. Rank: 3
Strengths: Well organized, information seemed good, had good links, design was appealing. A lot of attention to detail made it seem like a real problem.
Weaknesses: It did have a note at the bottom stating that "information veracity is not implied" which is a pretty big red flag. Wikipedia links to it and its entry states it as a hoax; that "dihydrogen monoxide" is just a fancy name for water.

Site 4 Dinobuzz. Rank 1
Strengths: Keywords glossary, very neat design, concise, not overwhelming. Linked to by the berkeley.edu website, so it was legit. The copyright and author links go right to a legit source page.
Weaknesses: Design is very plain, looks like anyone could have made it.

Site 5 Jacopo di Poggibonsi. Rank: 2
Strengths: Presents a lot of legitimate information, cites good sources, legitimate UMich.edu source site.
Weaknesses: Design: hard to read, overwhelming. Too much information.
Couldn't find an actual author of the page, though it did cite a contributing author for a part.