Evaluating Web Sites Chart

Site 1 Boilerplate Project. 3
Strengths: This website had good graphics and was visually appealing. The links worked.
Weaknesses: This website was cluttered and confusing to navigate. There were way too many links. We were unsure of the purpose and the credibility of the website.

Site 2 Smoking from all Sides. 5
Strengths: This website had some links to some credible websites for further information. It was relatively easy to navigate. It was organized.
Weaknesses: This website was NOT user friendly. There was no real content and little graphics. There were inappropriate links.

Site 3 Dihydrogen Monoxide. 4
Strengths: This website was easy to navigate and had a strong and organized content area. It had credible links. It had nice graphics and colors.
Weaknesses: This website consisted of high-school level research. There were no sponsors, credentials, and we feel it's purely a persuasive site not based on credible sources or valid research.

Site 4 Dino Buzz. 1
Strengths: This website was credible and informative. The links were helpful in defining and understanding the terminology. The graphics kept our attention. It was very user friendly. It was organized and the pages were consistent and clear.
Weaknesses: The links didn't open up in a new window.

Site 5 The Art of Jacopo Di Poggibonsi. 2
Strengths: It was user friendly and had very well labeled content. It provided a comprehensive view of the artist's life and work. The pictures really enhanced the site.
There were some spelling and grammar errors. The text was visually confusing and the colors were hard on the eye after a while. The text was too cluttered. The links were not found.

In one or two sentences, defend your choice for the #1 site related to the criteria you were assigned:
We feel that Dino Buzz is the #1 site out of the five choices because it had informative and credible content. It didn't push an opinion on the readers. It was really user friendly. We would not include any of these sites in our bibliography because they are all fake.