Our WebQuests

Start by exploring this WebQuests about what makes a good webquests.
Check out some of the webquests in the WebQuest library to get an idea of how these can be used.

Task 1: Learning

Before we dive into the process of making a webquest of our own, let's explore a little.

  1. Go to this WebQuests about Good WebQuests
  2. Decide among your group what made a good WebQuests and what did not
  3. Go on to Task 2

Task 2: Doing

Below create a link to your group's webquest. Please use the same groups as the Evaluating Websites activity.
Group WebQuest Sample Page

California History: Mission Period
Exploration of Native American Tribes
Pablo Picasso
Bon Appetit: Restaurant Owner's Menu
Planetary Journalism
History of Mickey Mouse and Friends
What will you be when you grow up?
Traveling Through California's History
Where In the World are my Students?
The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
How to Effectively Manage Middle-School Stress

Metamorphic Animal Life Cycle

Task 3: Sharing

  1. Be sure to make a link from your webpage to your group's WebQuest.
  2. We will spend the last part of our time together sharing these projects in a short presentation.